January 29, 2012


Now you can add the power of “Did you mean” spell check to your library’s web catalog searches! Lucien is the first service to bring your library catalog powerful spelling suggestions. With the help of Lucien, your patrons will be better able to find what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it.

Smart Search Suggestions

Lucien’s unparalleled spell checking service is based on actual usage of words and phrases, as opposed to a dictionary, so it can suggest common spellings for proper nouns such as authors’ names and book titles. It can also determine the context of a search term in order to provide intelligent search alternatives. No other spell checker comes close!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You can now try this new service risk free! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Lucien is the ultimate upgrade to your library’s web catalog!