January 29, 2012


How will Lucien help our library?

Incorrect spelling is one of the most common problems patrons and librarians face when trying to find library material. No matter how well organized and accessible a library collection may be, misspelled searches rarely succeed.

Now, with the introduction of Lucien, you can give your users a powerful spell checker that’s simple, fast and uncannily intuitive.

Built on the latest advancements in spell checking technology, Lucien will allow your users to spend less time searching your collection and more time enjoying it.

How does Lucien spell check work?

With the addition of only a few lines of code to your library’s catalog, Lucien quickly checks to find a spelling suggestion for a search term. Lucien then displays a link that allows the user to search your catalog again using the suggested term.

Lucien uses the same technology that powers the “Did you mean” spelling corrections on the largest search engines today. While typical spell check solutions simply compare individual words to dictionary entries, ours compares the entire search term to an index of billions of words and phrases to determine which spelling variations are most frequently used.

Using this method, Lucien can suggest far more accurate corrections, based not on “official” spelling guides such as those found in word processors, but on the actual usage of terms.

For libraries, this is exactly the type of solution necessary to correct misspelled proper nouns such as authors’ names and book titles. Lucien’s spell check is also uniquely capable of examining words in context. For example, a search for the term “Untied Stats” will display a suggestion of “United States,” even though both words in the original search are valid dictionary entries.

How much does the Lucien service cost?

At Jaunter, we realize that today’s libraries struggle to balance tight budgets with the need for ever more sophisticated equipment and technology.

That’s why we’ve priced Lucien to make it affordable for libraries of all sizes. To see our pricing details, please contact us.

Will Lucien work with our library’s catalog?

Lucien is written in JavaScript, which means it will work in all browsers and can be easily adapted for any web catalog. JavaScript also allows complete customization of how your spell check looks and behaves.

We strive to ensure that our spell check integrates into your web site as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. If you have specific questions regarding the set-up process, please contact us.